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WABLAS is an Whatsapp API Gateway for WhatsApp Business API. It allows developers to interact with WhatsApp's service without having to deal with the complexities of the WhatsApp protocol. With WABLAS, developers can easily send and receive messages, make and receive calls, and manage contacts using a simple HTTP-based API.

By usings WABLAS, developers can create WhatsApp-based applications such as chatbots, customer support systems, and automated message campaigns. WABLASprovides a wide range of functionalities such as sending and receiving messages, creating and managing contacts, and handling media files, among others.

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Now you can send messages more interactively and reliably with several attributes that can be added, such as buttons, footers, headers and auto reply

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Auto Responder

Allows you to send automatic replies when people write to your numbers. It attends your customers at Whatsapp 24/7


Whatsapp Rotator

WhatsApp rotator with single number is a feature that forwards and shares leads to customer service (CS)


Multi Agents

A single WhatsApp account that can be accessed by multiple admins at the same time.


Unlimited Labels

Use the label feature to segment your customers.


Live Chats

Service that allows to answer all questions, complaints, request in real time.


Working Hours

Manage working hours for each agent to keep your business running well.


Auto Reply

Create a chatbot for frequently asked questions by your customers


Closing Greetings

Say closing greetings for each lead automatically


API Endpoint

front.Our API was designed to be extremely easy to use, no matter the programing language or frameworks you use


Multiple Sender Broadcast

Send bulk messages using more than 1 WhatsApp number at the same time


"Bad Words" Filter Message

An advanced feature that can detect words/sentences that are "forbidden" by whatsapp when you send a message


Message scheduling

Do you need to deliver messages at a specific time? No problem. Our system would allow to plan specific messages on a specific date.


Tracking Message

Real time Information for all message status pending, sent, read, cancel, reject, and more.



Get all incoming messages like text, image, document, video, audio, location, button, template and group by configuring webhook endpoints.


Message Attributes

You can add attributes such as buttons, headers and footers to sent messages


Delay time setting for sending messages

you can freely set the delay time for sending messages to avoid getting banned from whatsapp


Auto Reply from Webhook

You can auto-reply messages such as text, images, documents, videos, buttons, and templates directly from the webhook


Auto Reply from Dashbord

you can make auto-reply messages easier, directly from the Wablas dashboard


Sync Group Contacts Whatsapp

You can retrieve all WhatsApp numbers from groups you follow automatically


Sync Contacts Whatsapp

save all whatsapp numbers from incoming messages into Wablas automatically


Integration With Social Media

Wablas can manage your social media simultaneously, making it easier for your CS to reply to messages


Integration With OpenSID

For all OpenSID users throughout Indonesia, you can send message notifications from the OpenSID dashboard

Integration With LokusWP

LokusWP integration with Wablas Whatsapp Notification Service, with this addon you can send automatic whatsapp notifications


Support Whatsapp API Cloud

Sent message using official Whatsapp API


Upload File API

makes it easier for you if you want to send a message in the form of an image, document, video or audio


Store Platform

easy manage orders, products, customers, shipping cost, to reports in one application


Bank Platform

makes it easier for you to monitor every payment transaction
*) Indonesia Only


Shipping Cost

calculate the cost of shipping goods easily
*) Indonesia Only


Qur'an Bot

Al-Qur'an bot is a feature that allows you to search for each verse of the Qur'an and its translation in Indonesian sourced from the Ministry of Religion


Wablas Bot

Bot is a feature that allows you to manage your device, without needing to login to the '.config('setting.name').' dashboard


Buku Kas

Financial bookkeeping to manage your financial expenses and income in an easy way


Check Whatsapp Number

API to find out whether a Phone number is registered in the WhatsApp application or not

Our awesome features

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